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Science Lab UZH

Our personalised workshops options

Class participating in a workshop about chemistry and art forgery

Our workshops are offered in different formats and each has a thematic and technical focus. The workshops can be personalised and adapted to the specified class level and needs.

Look for workshops by subject (German) :
Biology     Chemistry     Geography     Informatics     Mathematics     Physics 

Look for workshops by topic (German):
Environment     Energy     Universe     Digitalisation     Research & Society

If you have further questions regarding our workshops, please reach out to us through our contact form or directly by e-mail.

For teachers

Group taking part in a guided tour around Irchel Nature Park

The latest continuing education courses for secondary school teachers can be found on the official University of Zurich webpage here

We also offer other courses for interested teacher groups outside of the courses offered through the Continuing Education Office. We hold these for interested teacher groups (minimum number of participants is 8).

Possible course topics: Biodiversity in time and space; Energy in focus; Evolution happens!; Seeing light, thinking color; Sustainability in the classroom; Oceans & sustainability; Water in the smartphone...

If you have questions regarding our further education courses, please reach out to us through our contact form or directly by e-mail.

Our museum

Science Pavilion UZH front view

Discover the diverse and exciting world of science! In the Science Pavilion UZH, researchers from the Faculty of Science present their current research projects and share their passion with you. In our temporary exhibitions with explanatory videos, experiments, and objects from research, we want to awake the curiosity of visitors for scientific topics..

To join guided tours for all ages, sign up here for guided tours for schools and groups.

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